The newly launched daily Aronia juice, "JustAronia Light"

In early September of 2019, a delicious daily Aronia berry juice, JustAronia Light, was newly released. This is a disposable pouch juice type product that was developed to reflect the opinions of customers who have not been able to get close to Aronia because of the natural astringent taste of Aronia berries right from trees. 

In this product, Aronia's antioxidant properties are maximized, yet its new taste got lighter and smoothier compared to our original Aronia juice concentrate products so that you can pick and drink it every day like daily juice.

JustAronia Light  is made with 100% natural ingrediensts such as Polish Aronia concentrate, Chilean apple concentrate, German organic Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, Aronia extract powder, passion fruit concentrate, and purified water.

Get them now from our online store(, and enjoy them with your loved ones and friends.